Sex therapy with individualized body-mind-spirit techniques. Effective phone, video and Santa Fe, New Mexico sessions.

Men, women, and couples get life changing sex therapy. Learn sex practices that are practical and specific to you. I’m Annette Gates, Sexologist and Creator of Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR)® Technique for Relationship & Sex Coaching. NSR sex coaching – in just a few sessions – breaks through barriers traditional sex therapy only touches, helping clients gain greater sexual potential and passionate relationships. My groundbreaking NSR® Practice Program for men is available now for purchase. I offer private personalized sessions by phone, video, or in person in my Santa Fe, New Mexicio office. Learn more about private sessions hereschedule a free 30-minute coaching session.

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My programs have been developed over the past decade of helping clients gain satisfying relationships and greater sexual potential. Sex is often the number one concern in relationships. I know it is hard to talk about. That’s why I offer a free 30 minute phone session to understand your issues. You can end the free session with practical tools to practice immediately. After the initial session, I offer packages that include a minimum of 3 sessions and include my writings, recordings, and products. Sessions are available via video, phone, or in-person in my Santa Fe, New Mexico office.

All work in sessions is clothed, you are expected to practice techniques on your own in your solo or partnered lovemaking practice.

In sessions, we discuss concerns in your sexual relationship history as it applies to your desired sex life and your practice between sessions. We develop a sex practice that matches your desires and changes in patterning. Ultimately, you will feel more satisfied and fulfilled. Learn more about private sessions hereschedule a free 30-minute phone coaching session. I work with all sexual orientations and gender identities. Only serious inquiries please. Consults and questions are answered through SCHEDULED free 30-minute sessions ONLY, no texting.

My NSR® Practice Program for men is an all-natural solution. No pills! No herbs! No supplements!  Developed over a decade of helping clients gain greater sexual potential. It’s a natural erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatment using controlled breathing techniques… opening nerves and blood flow to areas that mean the most…

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Natural sexuality is sourced from within. Lack of education, experience, and life stressors create doubts covering up the true power of your sexual energy. Restore confidence and recover from sexual performance issues. Get stronger erections and learn to last longer in bed. Reclaim your personal power and full sexual potential naturally through controlled breathing and muscle techniques with my NSR® Practice Program...


Women possess a fountain of natural flowing internal sexual energy that is bubbling and bursting for expression. In traditional lovemaking, female sexual potential is briefly visited and mysteriously lost. Awaken to the source of your natural sexuality by understanding female orgasm and arousal. Learn how to express your needs and desires. Lovers of ladies... Learn how to help them awaken to full sexual potential and pleasure beyond...

Practitioners & Couples

Calling all practitioners!!!!!! If you knew your presence and a short conversation could change your patient's life would you have it? I'm sure you would... All relationships go through phases where sexual desire and response changes. Your patient wants answers and you can be ready. Shame, lack of education, patterns, and time constraints often keep people from talking about sex. Learn how to talk about sex... have more of it... better...