New Beginnings

We are Metamorphosizing come back in February 2019

“Sitting in the darkness and waiting doesn’t come naturally for us even though we ‘sat‘ for nine months in our mother’s womb, a development which is as mysterious and marvelous as that of a caterpillar metamorphosizing into a butterfly”

-Joyce Rupp, Little Pieces of Light…: Darkness and Personal Growth. Page 36


Please fill out the form to the right if you are a CURRENT or PAST client and need to get in touch with Annette Gates. She will answer NEW inquiries regarding her practice or workshops after Feb 2019. Please check back on the website in Feb 2019 to book a consultation session then. Have a happy holiday season and entry into 2019! Prayers, abundance, and loving presence…

Here is a link to Annette’s practices and mp3 breath journey