Couples Counseling – Sex Therapy – EMDR Therapy – Energy Healing – Intimacy Coaching

Allow yourself to unfold into truth within…

Give yourself and your loved one the gift of intimacy. Take this time to allow your intimate connection. Book sessions to ensure this unfolding practice. Sessions can be booked in person in Santa Fe, Taos, or Las Vegas, New Mexico or on VIDEO/PHONE. Text Annette at 505-652-7633 to schedule a free 15 minute phone session.

Online Zoom Barbara Brennan Workshops:  Cost $75
Friday 2-6pm MDT (Denver time) & Saturday 10am-2pm MDT

August 21 & 22 – Hands of Light

September 18 & 19 – Light Emerging

October 9 & 10 – Core Light Healing

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email or text 505-652-7633 to sign up

Seeds of the Spirit:  FREE Weekly Meditation and Healing Circles
Starting this Fall-Mid September 2020

Seeds of the Spirit is a collection of transformative poetic channelings from Barbara Brennan. These channelings occurred at class meetings at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Each week we will explore one of these transformational poems to connect its deeper meaning to our life and what is going on in the world at this time.

In Person 2-Day Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico & Denver, Colorado

will resume in divine universal timing…
let us all hold sacred loving space for ourselves and each other
let us all learn and grow in ways we’ve never imagined
let us all use this time to transform darkness within ourselves
let us all give and receive the love and light we are


Annette Gates, MSW, MEd is a healing relationship coach & educator. She offers two decades of expertise in one on one and group coaching and teaching about healing relationships, sexuality, and grief and loss. As a Master of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University her propriety coaching practice and workshops have empowered hundreds toward their healing path in relationships. 
Educational/Licensure Timeline:
  • By January 2021 LMSW able to accept insurance in New Mexico
  • Master of Clinical Social Work – NM Highlands University, May 2020
  • Master of Education, Human Sexuality – Widener University since 2018
  • EMDR Therapist since October 2019
  • Grief and Loss Specialist since September 2019
  • Brennan Healing Science Practitioner since 2009
  • Hands of Light, Light Emerging, Core Light Healing Workshop Leader since 2018
  • Somatic Sex Educator – Advanced Institute on Human Sexuality Studies since 2008
Other credentials since 2010: Ordained Minster, Shamanic Practitioner, Shambala Reiki Master and Trainer, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist
Prior to 2010 Annette held a successful career as a life coach and human resources executive where she used HeartMath and Landmark Education to affect positive change in the workplace.

Virtual Workshops

Starting Aug 2020

Contact and Practice

Annette’s practice is physically located in Northern New Mexico where she holds workshops, phone, video and in person sessions in:

Las Vegas, New Mexico (Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat)

Santa Fe & Taos (Some Thurs, Fri & Sat)

Please fill out the form to the right if you are interested in registering for workshops, programs or working with Annette. Also if you are inquiring about the Dragonfly EOLD (End of Life Doula) Training Program. She will answer inquiries regarding her practice. workshops, and programs within one week.

Starting January 2021, As an LMSW, Annette can accept most New Mexico insurances, including Medicaid, and Medicare for therapy sessions including EMDR therapy. Other sessions are a sliding scale of $120-$80/hr. The nature of sessions are educational and transformative with homework practice to help you in healing your relationship life. Annette is a trained and certified sexuality educator and specializes in working with folks that struggle with sexual issues in relationship. All her work with folks is fully clothed and based on at home practices with yourself or with a partner. Please fill out the form to request a free 15 minute coaching session. 

Here is a link to Annette’s FREE practices, mp4 breathing video and  mp3 breath journey

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Stay tuned for Annette’s relationship and sexuality podcast with readings from parts of her memoir as she writes Memoirs of a Sexologist with accountings and prescribed practices from over a decade of practice in San Francisco and NYC.