Free 30-minute coaching session


Please fill out the form below with your available day/time in comments section and I will confirm via email. Please include your type of practice. In the call I will work with you to get an idea of your specific needs and offer free resources so you can help your patients. Let’s end the suffering together!

All others:

Congratulations for taking ownership of your sex and intimacy life! Thank you for inquiring about how sessions work. The first step is scheduling a free 30-minute coaching session to go over your intentions and goals to determine a program works for you. My programs have been developed throughout this past decade of helping clients gain satisfying relationships that include greater sexual potential. Commitment to a program is necessary for the change you seek; therefore, I offer packages in a minimum of 3 sessions that include my writings, recordings, and products. Sessions are available via video, phone, or in-person in my Santa Fe, New Mexico office. Sessions are fully clothed. You are expected to practice techniques on your own in your solo or partnered lovemaking practice. In sessions, we discuss concerns in your sexual relationship history as it applies to your desired sex life and your practice between sessions. We develop a sex practice that matches your desires and changes the patterning. Ultimately, you will feel more satisfied and fulfilled.  Please read more on my website about sessions.

Check out my Google Drive of AWESOME practices with the NSR® Starter Practice complete with a 7-minute YouTube video link and slow lovemaking instructions. The instructional ‘how to’ practices will help you with simple exercises for creating the love life you have always wanted.


Please fill form below to schedule the 30-minute free coaching session. In this call we will go over the basic questions below. Answers are upheld with utmost confidentiality.

  1. What are your desires for yourself (your partnership)?  What do you want to accomplish in sessions?

  1. What sort of education and messages did you receive about sexuality or relationships when you were growing up.

  1. Describe your first sexual experience (involving or not involving intercourse, either or both).

  1. How were relationships modeled in your family of origin?

  1. What is your sex/relationship life like now?  What would make it better?  Describe sex drive, frequency, and communication about sex.  Include sexual functioning concerns such as: orgasm or arousal issues, medications, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse.

  1. Difficult things about my sex and relationship history are: Include abuse, trauma, troublesome sexual fantasies or turn-ons.

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