Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR)®
Technique for Sex Coaching and Relationship Healing

Mind: Your brain is a sex organ

NSR® sex and relationship coaching starts with helping you understand what is going on between your ears. Patterned thoughts and past experiences can take over your sexuality and relationship life.

Your upbringing such as education, family, society, and religion all factor into the mix. Positive and negative emotions, like joy and pleasure or shame and pain, are connected through your thoughts and upbringing. This can be changed!

You are what you think! Imagine unraveling thoughts causing your pain and transforming them into healed experiences. Through guided and gentle inquiry about your past experiences and upbringing, NSR opens the mental constrains holding back your healed relationships and fulfilling sexuality.

Body: Your own private vessel

Fulfillment is unknown unless you are able to feel it in your body. Thinking about the tickle in your tummy is not the same as feeling it. Your primary sexual organs are the doorways to discovering your sexuality and healing your relationships.

NSR guides you into a body-based experience of your sexual energy through practical exercises for greater awareness of your arousal patterns. Shame-based thoughts and emotional patterns often get in the way  of the sexuality and relationships you crave.

Physical pain and emotional stress can inhibit the body’s ability to feel sensation… becoming numb. Sexual functioning and passionate desire often fall prey to numbness and monotony. NSR offers a path into the core of your sexuality and healing your past.

Spirit: Inspiration through breath

Our breath is spirit! Cultivating an internal connection to your ‘sexual feeling’ through breath can heal physical and emotional pain.  Your breath coupled with muscle movement facilitates deeper pelvic connection, opening nerve pathways for greater sensation.

NSR uses simple breath awareness practices, allowing you to fully harness your sexual energy and feel secure within yourself naturally. How you feel about yourself and who you are inside heals your relationships.

NSR practices facilitates open communication with others and a deeper experience of your natural sexuality.

Sexual Reprogramming Sessions & Workshops

Private NSR® Sessions

Private NSR sessions offer a safe space to gain insight into your past, re-education opportunities, and awareness of your mind-body patterning  around sex and intimacy. Sessions are a mix of cognitive behavioral reprogramming, breath practice with guided visualizations. We start with discussing your sexual and relationship history, including early childhood experiences. As the inquiry process develops, I offer education and suggestions to affect the change you are seeking. These suggestions translate to simple at-home lovemaking practices for both individuals and couples. Depending on the nature of the issue, the process may be done sitting or lying on a couch/table. Sessions are fully clothed. You are expected to practice techniques on your own in your solo or partnered lovemaking practice. In ongoing sessions, we continue the inquiry process based on results from your practice and new areas to develop. An average of four to seven sessions creates most desired results. Private sessions are offered by phone, video, or in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Schedule a free 30-minute coaching session.

NSR® Practice Program

Developed throughout years of helping clients heal relationships while gaining greater sexual potential, NSR Practice Programs include educational and instructional PDF files; how-to videos; and guided audios that are all designed to cultivate practices for deeper connection to sexual potential. You deserve sexual performance confidence, without the inconvenient timing and uncomfortable side effects of performance enhancement pills… not to mention the cost. The NSR Practice Program for men is available NOW. Find out more here. The NSR Practice for ladies (men too!) and their lovers is coming in 2018.

NSR® in Groups

We are not alone and tend to experience similar challenges and triumphs. Group programs are great opportunities to experience NSR through the inquiry of others. Groups provide the safe space to step-up as an example or remain anonymous and benefit from the courage of another’s inquiry. NSR used at shorter events tends to be more education based and the inquiry is geared toward the group rather than the deeper personalized inquiry process utilized in longer workshops and retreats. Interactive dialogue is welcomed, encouraged, and inherent to the learning. Sharing and participation is ALWAYS voluntary.

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