Relationship & Sexuality Workshops ~ Heal Relationships ~ Awaken Sexuality ~ Love Making Life™~


TAOS Thursdays Bi-Weekly 7:30-9pm, Sept 13th
  • 318 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos. Please RSVP in form to the right.
ABQ 4th Mondays Monthly 7:30-9pm, Sept 24th
  • 1210 Luisa St. Ste 4, Santa Fe. Please RSVP in form to the right. Only 6 spots total.
SANTA FE 4th Tuesdays Monthly 7:30-9pm, Sept 25th
  • The Source, Blue Room, 1111 Carlisle Blvd SE Albuquerque. Please RSVP in form to the right.
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Get new insights and practices. Join others in a safe environment to learn about sex and healing your relationships.

Singles and couples of all orientations are welcome.

Listen to this 7-minute audio clip of a two-hour sexuality workshop. It starts at the end of a guided visualization, continues with education, and ends with sexuality practice suggestions. Every workshop is different based on participant issues raised. It will be different for you too. This audio clip is specific to this workshop… just to give you an idea.

These workshops are for you if…

  • You have a sense that certain behavior is keeping you from having the relationships and sexuality you truly desire.
  • You already enjoy your relationship and want it to be even better.
  • You know there is much more for you to learn about sexuality and healing your relationships.

A one of a kind sexuality workshop…

  • The groundbreaking NSR® Technique shifts behavior that years of traditional therapy only touches.
  • You receive real-time exercises that, as you practice, will make you feel an immediate effect.
  • The guided 20-minute NSR Breath Experience will take your love life to new heights.

What’s keeping you from… Your truest desires in relationship? Your dream love life? Better sex?

Natural Sexuality Workshops create a safe space for re-education and healing sexuality and relationships. Using NSR, a gentle inquiry process, individuals learn body-based sex practices for a fulfilling internal experience of their sexuality. Groups are facilitated through fully clothed cognitive inquiry processes, experiential exercises, guided visualizations, and somatic breathing techniques. Individuals are invited to participate at their own comfort level. All events are perfect for singles and couples of any orientation who are curious about sexuality.

90 Minute Workshops

Suggested Donation:

$20/person, $30/pair (bring a friend for support and savings)

One-Day Workshops

$150/person, $250/pair (bring a friend for support and savings)
Scheduled based on interest.

NSR® in Groups

We are not alone and tend to experience similar challenges and triumphs. Group programs are great opportunities to experience NSR through the inquiry of others. I often wanted to share the individual transformation occurring in private sessions with groups so others could to gain the same valuable insight for their own lives. Groups provide the safe space to step-up as an example or remain anonymous and benefit from the courage of another’s inquiry. The NSR technique used at shorter events tends to be more education based; therefore, the inquiry is geared toward the group. A deeper, more personalized inquiry process is utilized in longer workshops and retreats. Interactive dialogue is welcomed, encouraged, and inherent to the learning. Sharing and participation is ALWAYS voluntary. All workshops are fully clothed.