Sex Coaching for Couples Create Passion in Your Relationship

  • Reignite the sexual and emotional intimacy that feeds your relationship with Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR)® Sex Coaching.
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  • NSR coaching guides you in practices that create desired results and lasting effects. Ladies he will finally hold you, like never before! And he will enjoy it!
Sex Coaching for Couples

How NSR programs can work for you and your partner.

Most people have difficulty talking about sex and intimacy within their relationships. Risking rejection feels uncomfortable, especially from someone you love and have built a life with. Using our sexual energy is an indication of how we deal with this risk. Do we have sex to increase or avoid intimacy? The early ‘Eros’ phase of a relationship often drives the sexual intimacy process. Getting to know a new partner intimately is the mysterious fuel for sexual excitement. This fuel must continue to be cultivated as the love grows and deepens. However, we allow ourselves to stay comfortable within knowing each other (or thinking we know each other), avoiding conflict and full expression of new thoughts and feelings.

A sexless marriage indicates holding sexual energy to avoid intimacy. A couple that starts out with a good sex life early on can develop a great companionship that avoids conflict and less sex. Why? Because risking rejection for deeper intimacy often breeds better sex! Better sex means opening up to a partner and sharing intimate parts of yourself – dreams, hopes, visions, and fantasies. Often sexual self-confidence decreases as major life stressors, such as death of a loved one, work pressures, and parenting take a toll on an individual’s ability to cope and cultivate vulnerably with a partner.

Sexual performance anxiety can result as a physical side effect of these stressors. It’s the body’s way of saying ENOUGH! Meanwhile, our sexual energy is brewing the whole time under the surface. This sexual energy represents our longing for more joy, passion, and happiness in life. Want better sex? Stop blaming and share your truth! Risk rejection! Practice loving communication in a space that feels safe for both partners. Remember that sarcasm usually covers up vulnerability and deeper feelings that need expression.

Get raw, get vulnerable, share yourself with your partner.
Practice the following sexual intimacy exercise:

Instructions: One person at a time, no interruptions. This exercise is for the speaker’s process; the listener is simply present and nonjudgmental. NO SHARING DURING, BEFORE, OR AFTER. THIS EXERCISE IS NOT A CONVERSATION!!!!!!!!! Let it be what it is, and learn what comes up about your partner from their sharing. Share about your experience on a different day after you’ve processed it on your own.

  • Describe your body starting at top of head to bottom of feet. Don’t skip parts to avoid sharing insecurities about it. Describe what you like/don’t like about your body.
  • How large are your breasts/penis? How many sexual partners have you had? Do you masturbate? What do you fantasize about? What turns you on, sexually? What turns you off?
  • The listener tells thing(s) they like best about your body. The speaker can only say thank you. Switch roles.

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These instructional ‘how to’ practices will help you with simple exercises for creating the love life you have always wanted.