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Check out my Google Drive of AWESOME practices with the NSR® Starter Practice complete with a 7-minute YouTube video link and slow lovemaking instructions. The instructional ‘how to’ practices will help you with simple exercises for creating the love life you have always wanted.


Sexual functioning concerns, such as sustaining an erection or gaining greater ejaculatory control, are serious issues for many men primarily because it is linked to these three contributing beliefs:

  1. Maintaining an erection is necessary to give and feel pleasure during intercourse.
  2. Orgasmic sensation is primarily felt during ejaculation or climax.
  3. Physiological sexual functioning and emotional intimacy or closeness within the relationship are unrelated.

Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR)® sex coaching for men breaks through these three beliefs empowering you to live in your full sexual potential again, finally restoring the confidence you have been seeking. Most men get into sexual patterns from early childhood starting with shame-based masturbation patterns, such as rushing before getting caught and using forbidden pornography. Furthermore, first sexual experiences of overwhelming excitement or physical sensations can manifest in less ejaculatory control, hypersensitivity, or erection issues. Effects of parental relationships often contribute to the issues. If only our high school sex education classes addressed these patterns and beliefs early on!

  1. The first belief that maintaining an erection is key to sexual pleasure is at the root of male performance anxiety. NSR coaching deconstructs the thoughts in the mind linked to this belief by replacing them with facts about feelings of arousal and sexual pleasure. You will be enlightened at the many ways others are ‘turned on’ within the acts of sex. This new awareness tends to take the focus off looming penis performance. Turning the focus to other areas of your genital region besides the shaft; such as the perineum, anus, testicles, and pubic bone invites new pleasurable sensations that clears away performance anxiety.
  2. The second belief that orgasmic sensation is a function of ejaculation or climax allows no room to experience those tingly sensations in other parts of the body. Men can feel orgasmic sensations throughout the body by developing mind-body awareness of their entire pelvic genital region. Allowing feelings of arousal through NSR breath awareness practices spreads the sensations throughout the entire pelvic-genital region. Taking the focus off the penis, these practices decrease hypersensitivity and erection issues and offer greater ejaculatory control, eliminating the need for antiquated ‘squeeze’ or ‘stop-start’ techniques.
  3. The third belief that physiological sexual functioning concerns are not linked to emotional intimacy or closeness in relationship is simply false.  Many sexual functioning issues develop after infrequent or hurried sex due to life stressors, such as children, infidelity, deaths, moves, job change, and marital strife. The inquiry process into emotional and sexual patterning is inherent within NSR and helps clear deep-seated blockages. Traditional couple’s therapy often gives greater attention to circumstance and stressors, avoiding the topic of sex altogether. NSR guides you to the core of what is stopping you from having deeper intimacy. The inquiry process speaks directly to the experiences of your sexual energy to the degree that its full potential creates a stronger emotional connection.