Sex Coaching for Women Rediscover your sexual potential!

Awaken your female orgasm and arousal in new ways.

  • Explore the mystery of your female sexual potential with Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR)® Sex Coaching.

  • You deserve emotional connection… and fully satisfying sexual pleasure… with yourself and your partner.

  • Subject matter books and concepts are important to understand, but not always helpful in applying practical how-to solutions. NSR coaching is guidance for better sex and intimacy.

Check out my Google Drive of AWESOME practices with the NSR® Starter Practice complete with a 7-minute Video and slow lovemaking instructions.

These instructional ‘how to’ practices will help you with simple exercises for creating the love life you have always wanted.

Sex Coaching for Women

Low sexual desire, orgasm challenges, and painful intercourse are prevalent among most women at some point in their lives. These concerns are closely linked to three MYTHS:

MYTH 1: A partner is necessary to explore pleasure or achieve orgasm.

MYTH 2: Orgasmic sensation is primarily felt during climax.

MYTH 3: It’s just your hormones! Physiological sexual functioning and emotional intimacy or closeness within the relationship is unrelated.

Together we turn these myths upsidedown to new positions for pleasure.

Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR)® breaks through these three beliefs empowering you to live in your full sexual potential again, finally restoring that connection you once had or discovering a completely new world. Most women get into shame-based sexual patterns from early childhood because they are taught to save sex for marriage. Furthermore, masturbation is rarely explored. First sexual experiences are often painful or even traumatic, infrequent, and lack emotional closeness. Effects of parental relationships often contribute to the issues. If only our high school sex education classes addressed these patterns and beliefs early on!

  1. Reprogramming the first belief that a partner is necessary to explore female pleasure or achieve orgasm is vital to helping women gain full sexual potential. NSR sex coaching deconstructs the thoughts in the mind linked to this belief by replacing them with facts about feelings of arousal and sexual pleasure. You will be enlightened at the many ways you are ‘turned on’ within the acts of sex. Learning to receive takes the focus off of your partner’s pleasure and invites you into your own experience of sexual pleasure, whether you are solo or partnered.

  2. The second belief that orgasmic sensation is a function of climax allows no room to experience those tingly sensations in other parts of the body. You can feel orgasmic sensations throughout the body by developing mind-body awareness of your entire pelvic-genital region. Allowing feelings of arousal by doing NSR breath awareness spreads the sensation throughout the entire pelvic-genital region. By taking the focus off the climax, these practices increase arousal and allow for greater orgasmic feeling.

  3. It’s not just the hormones! The third belief that physiological sexual functioning concerns are not linked to emotional intimacy or closeness in relationship is simply false. Many female sexual functioning issues such as painful intercourse and low desire are due to infrequent or hurried sex because of life stressors, such as children, infidelity, deaths, moves, job change, and marital strife. The inquiry process into emotional and sexual patterning is inherent within NSR coaching and helps clear deep-seated blockages, clarifying your needs and desires. Traditional couple’s therapy often gives greater attention to circumstance and stressors, avoiding the topic of sex. NSR guides you to the core of what is stopping you from having more sexual pleasure. The inquiry process speaks directly to an experience of your sexual energy and how its full potential creates a stronger emotional connection. It may even change your hormones! NSR practices offer clear guided suggestions for you to implement into your daily busy life.

Sex Coaching for Women

The NSR Practice Program – for ladies and their lovers is coming in late 2018.

This groundbreaking practice program includes instructional PDFs, how-to videos, and guided audio to help you (and your partner) explore the depths of female sexual potential… tapping the fountain of your sexual energy waiting to burst and bubble. Stay tuned…