• A sense of freedom

    Annette’s workshop opened a door to my sexuality that I didn’t even know was closed. During the workshop the barriers around sex and intimacy seemed to dissolve and there was a sense of freedom in the room. The conversation about sexuality that Annette so beautifully facilitates is long overdue in our culture.

    Workshop Participant
  • Phenomenal!

    You need to experience it in order to appreciate it. The instructor is phenomenal and very in touch with the audience.

    Workshop Participant
  • Wonderful practice! Just made sense.

    Annette is compassionate, warm, and instills an incredible amount of trust. I felt I could tell her anything, and that whatever my problems might be, there was a way forward that just made sense. Her practical and spiritual counsel led me to a stronger relationship, better sex, and an increased awareness of my mind & body. In particular, her breathing practice was wonderful– and led me to take up yoga. I came to Annette feeling helpless, confused, and depressed — after a few sessions, I left empowered, aware, and hopeful. It was an incredible experience that I’m incredibly thankful for.

  • Deep calm feeling…

    We experienced a deep sense of hope, calmness, and vitality through some short breathing and visualization exercises and Annette’s gentle and wise coaching. Married for over 11 years and having done a lot of counseling and personal growth work, including work on love, sex, and intimacy issues we felt safe right away and were able to share openly as well as listen to others bare their souls.

    Workshop Participant
  • Feels like a miracle how things have changed…

    With all of the neurotic struggles and adjustments I was going through – it almost feels like a miracle how things have changed! Now I am OWNING my desires and what I like, meeting guys all the time, and only sleeping with men who are sexually compatible with me. Now I’m just being me – going after what I like – and I don’t have to change my body or my sexual desires to get it. Guys are liking me as I am “settling” isn’t necessary – I can just show up as me – and experiment and explore with partners who get as much out of the experience as I do. My goal is to have some safe play, regular sex partners – and then hopefully a healthy relationship with a sexually compatible man – and for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to think this is all truly possible! I would like to thank you for the time you worked with me – even though we did two sessions – it jump started
    this whole shift towards self acceptance. Things have been great!


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